The mission of JEWS AND CHRISTIANS UNITED FOR ISRAEL® (JACUFI) is to provide both Jews and Christians with an association through which, together, we can stand united against all forms of anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice and discrimination and we can build bridges of communication and dialogue between Christians and Jews based upon mutual respect and a hunger for interreligious understanding.


To provide knowledge that counteracts anti-Semitism, hatred and intolerance and that communicates the importance of the security of Israel for the United States.

To advance the understanding that anti-Semitism is to a large degree and at its root a spiritual attack against God’s witnesses on earth.

To clarify that Jews and Christians may see each other as partners in advancing God’s plan on earth.

For Christians – educating towards a fuller comprehension of the Hebraic foundations of their faith.

For Jews – educating towards a deeper understanding of the significance of the Torah in Jewish life both on the individual and collective levels.

JACUFI will pursue its Mission through educational means, employing a website and social media, programs in religious and other venues, and various publications and conduct public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, or similar programs.

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  1. Diana Junge says:

    More than ever Judaism and Christianity need to unite in our One True Father, so that we may continue to bring his news to the world during these seemingly hopeless times. I believe this is where I feel that God wants me to complete my mission. I would like to know more about resources to help advance this communication in my community, as there are about 5400 people in our town, about 20 churches, and no sign of any Jewish presence or guuidence. I would like to learn more about the chosen people of my God, whom my Savior was born into, and to share this information with my Christian and Jewish communities, so that we can be united in Our Father, and in sharing his message with those that have not received it yet, rather than separating ourselves and ignoring God’s orders to bring HIS will to earth, and not our own interests. Please let me know what I can do in this small community in numbers, but with a large faith.

    • Martin M. van Brauman says:

      We plan to add many more articles and materials to help Christians understand through Scripture the role of God’s witnesses on earth and the building of bridges between the two communities. We are working on the materials and will post the items as soon as possible. In the meantime, the greatest resource to help bring understanding between the Jewish and Christian communities is the study of the Word of God for both communities and not being influenced by religious dogma unconnected with actual Scripture. Why there has been such a separation between the Jewish and Christian community for so long, only God in His Plan knows. However, Scriptures say that there will be a coming together under God’s Plan, not of any conversion but of mutual strength in proclaiming God’s blessing to the world and to the coming of the Messiah. Christianity must acknowledge its basic theology is understood only when Israel’s eternal Covenant with God is recognized and confessed as essential to it. We all pray to the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We all recognize that the Covenants of God are eternal and are never broken otherwise what guarantees do Christians have of a God who cancels promises. God is the God of history who shows Himself to man through His relationship with the Jewish people. Deeper study in the Christian “Old Testament” will bring this understanding of the role of the Jewish people as a collective people to provide the eternal witness of God’s existence.

      Martin M. van Brauman

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