Founders’ Statements

If you are a “born again” Christian (John 3:3-8), then when you read Ephesians 2:8-22, it is clearly written to all Christians that God has made us into one people with the Jews (Romans 3:28-31) and that God has not forsaken his People of Israel and we both wait upon the coming of the Messiah in the End of Days and all Israel will be saved (Romans 11:1-36). Until then, God expects and commands us to stand together with the Jews and the Nation of Israel. And as a Christian Zionist, I boldly declare, “. . . Thy People Shall Be My People, and Thy God My God.” Ruth 1:16.

John M. Brown

Jews and Christians must walk by the light of God (Isaiah 2:5), because a time is coming of great attack on God, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. Anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism/anti-Israel is an assault on God, as well as on the Jewish people. The book of Daniel talks in the End Times of the rescue of the Jewish people from their oppression, to the vindication of those who held fast to the tradition against those who cast their lot with the foreign tormentors, and to the coming Messiah.

At that time Michael (the guardian angel of Israel) will stand, the great [heavenly] prince who stands in support of the members of your people, and there will be a time of trouble such as there had never been since there was a nation until that time. But at that time your people will escape; everything that is found written in this book [will occur]. Many of those who sleep in the dusty earth will awaken: these for everlasting life and these for shame, for everlasting abhorrence. The wise will shine like the radiance of the firmament, and those who teach righteousness to the multitudes [will shine] like the stars, forever and ever. Daniel 12:1-4.

As the natural and spiritual children of Abraham (as Jews and Christians), we must through our actions radiate compassionate righteousness and moral justice by which we are pursuing Israel’s mission to the world. By pursuing Israel’s mission to bring knowledge of the true God and the Word of God to the nations of the world, Israel and the world will be blessed. If Jews and Christians can become equal partners after 2,000 years of theological persecution and murder, then that partnership would be the greatest witness to God’s presence in the world and to the covenantal responsibility to carry God’s blessing to the world and to the coming of the Messiah as described in Micah 4:2-5.

Let not the foreigner, who has joined himself to the Lord, speak, saying, “The Lord will utterly separate me from His people.”. . And the foreigners who join themselves to the Lord to serve Him and to love the Name of the Lord to become servants unto Him, all who guard the Sabbath against desecration, and grasp My covenant tightly – I will bring them to My holy mountain, and I will gladden them in My house of prayer; their elevation-offerings and their feast-offerings will find favor on My Altar, for My House will be called a house of prayer for all the people. The word of my Lord, God, Who gathers in the dispersed of Israel: I shall gather to him even more than those already gathered to him (Exiled Jews and many gentiles will rally to the Messiah). Isaiah 56:3-8.

The glory of God will be revealed, and all flesh together will see that the mouth of God has spoken. Isaiah 40:5

Martin M. van Brauman

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  1. Kristi Ann says:

    Amen! May God Bless and Keep the Holy Land of Israel Safe!! I am a Devout Christian, and I live in the United States Of America and I Love Israel, as Jesus Christ was Born there!! Praise Jesus Christ our Father in Heaven!! God Bless you for the Work you do!!

    Love In Christ Jesus, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

    • Martin says:

      The Jewish people under rabbinical Judaism are fellow travelers with the followers of Jesus on the way to the Kingdom of God. Moses Maimonides (known as the “Rambam” – 1135-1204) said under his 13 Principles of Faith: I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah. How long it takes, I will wait His coming every day.

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