Martin M. van Brauman


There is a spark of divine light in all things.  That inner spark of divine light is created to improve man’s spiritual and material existence and is to varying degrees found in different religions.[1]  The supreme light cannot be defined and it cannot be robed in letters of any expression, nor of any kind of thought.[2]

Under 1 Kings 19:11, we read that God is not in the wind, not in the earthquake, not in the fire, but is in that “gentle breeze” that “still, thin sound.”  “The divine presence can only be found in the unfathomable inner strength of those, who do not allow themselves to be dehumanized by evil.”[3]

Jews were chosen to represent the presence of God in history.  Thus, chosen by God’s enemies for extermination to deny His existence in the world.  The very existence of the Jewish people confirms the foundations of Christianity.

We are witnessing today the continued destruction of civilization by barbarism and the normalization of mass murder as during the Holocaust with the Jews again the primary target for destruction wherever they live.  Still today, we witness the failure of man to behave in the image of God.

Where can God be found during this destruction of humanity?  Wherever man lets God into his life.  Without God, we live in an otherwise meaningless world.




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