Martin M. van Brauman


It shall be on that day that I will make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone, all whose bearers become lacerated; and all the nations of the world will gather against it . . . It shall be on that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come upon Jerusalem. I will pour out upon the house of David and upon the inhabitant of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplications.  Zechariah 12:3, 9.


From Exodus 1:9-16, the first familiar pattern of anti-Semitism in denying the Jewish people’s right to exit emerged with the Egyptians frightened by the growth of the Jewish people.  Pharaoh’s objective was not the need for slave labor in the society, but the extermination of the Jewish people, since he considered them a threat in the event of an outside invasion.   The sole purpose of the slave labor was to inflict suffering on the Jewish people and destroy their high birth rate.  However, God intervened and increased the birth rate in spite of Pharaoh’s persecution.

Since Israeli statehood in 1948, 95 percent of the Jewish populations in the Middle East, North Africa and Arabia have been denied the right to exit and were driven out in one generation.[1]  By 1972, 586,070 Jewish refugees from Arab countries had arrived in Israel and over 200,000 had found shelter in other countries.[2]  The number of Jewish refugees who fled from Arab countries was almost identical to the number of Arab “refugees” who voluntarily left Israel before the invading Arab armies of plunder and extermination.[3]

After the establishment of the State of Israel, Jews in Arab countries continued to be the targets of riots, pogroms and mass arrests.[4]  Like the Nazi Nuremberg Laws of 1935, Arab legislation was introduced to confiscate Jewish property, restrict their employment and limit their freedom of movement.[5]  As a result, Jews became refugees compelled to flee their homes and seek refuge with the majority in Israel and the rest in Western democracies.[6]  The Arab countries refuse to recognize the Arab ethnic cleaning and the nationalist anti-Semitism that led to the driving out of almost 1,000,000 Sephardic Jews from Muslim countries since 1945, which also has been ignored by the United Nations and the international community.[7]

In Aden during December of 1947, a mob attacked the Jewish quarter killing 82 Jews, wounding 76 and the burning of over 100 shops.[8]  In Egypt during July and September of 1948, over 150 Jews were killed.[9]  In Iraq, 300 Jews were arrested in May of 1948, when Zionism was made a capital crime.[10]  The ancient Jewish community of Mesopotamia came into existence after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem in 587 BCE.[11]  By the early 1900’s almost a third of Baghdad’s population was Jewish.[12]  Known as Operation Ezra and Nehemiah, a mass exodus of that ancient Jewish community from Iraq to Israel occurred from 1950 to 1951.[13]  By the end of 1951, 113,545 Jews had fled Iraq legally and another 20,000 illegally.[14]

On “Black Saturday, January 26, 1952, Muslims instigated by the Muslim Brotherhood rioted through Cairo destroying over £10 million of Jewish property.[15]  On July 23, 1952, the Free Officers Movement led by Colonel Gamal Abdul Nasser forced King Farouk into exile.[16]  By June 1954, Nasser came to power and on July 26, 1956 he nationalized the Suez Canal, which began the Suez War.[17]  The Suez War resulted in the arrest and detainment without trial of 3,000 Jews and over 24,000 Jews were served with deportation orders from Egypt to leave within days with all of their homes, property, businesses and capital expropriated by the government.[18]

The pan-Arab Sofar summit of September 1947 urged the Arab states to open their countries to Palestinian Arab refugees if war occurs.[19]  Later the following month, Haifa’s Arab leadership drew up evacuation plans to neighboring Arab countries.[20]  During November-December 1947, King Abdullah promised Palestine Arabs refuge in Transjordan and in January 1948, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his commander, Abdel Qader Husseini, pledged refuge in the Arab states to the Palestine Arab before the conflict.[21]

Instead of taking responsibility of their policies as promised before the invasion, the Arab countries, except Jordan, consistently refused to absorb the Palestinian “refugees” in contrast to the integration of other World War II refugees elsewhere by their host countries.[22]  For political reasons, the Arab League has deliberately forced as many Arab refugees as possible into camps, which has produced terrorism against Israel and the West.[23]

The Palestinian failure to set up a state in 1948, as proposed by the UN, and the invasion of Israel by Arab armies in the same year were the two factors responsible for the creation of the Arab “refugee” problem.[24]  However, a refugee is defined as one who flees in search of shelter, usually as a result of political persecutions.[25]  The Arabs were not compelled to leave Israel, nor were they subject to political persecution.

The Palestinian Arabs have remained on independent Arab soil since December 8, 1949 under the artificial “refugee status” of the UN agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).[26]  No similar type of UN Agency, perpetuating an annual renewal of “refugee status,” was set up for the approximately equal number of Jewish refugees deported from Muslim countries, or for the more than 11 million European refugees from the Second World War.[27]  After the war, the UN agency, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), was charged with the sole purpose of finding new countries for the refugees in the Displaced Persons camps, not for the purpose of maintaining an ongoing “refugee status.”[28]  It is estimated that the amount of land and property expropriated from Jewish families forced to leave Iraq, Egypt and Morocco totaled 100,000 square kilometers, or 5 times the size of the state of Israel.[29]

In The Haj, Leon Uris has the character Dr. Mudhil during the mid-1950s speaking to young Ishmael about the refugee problem that epitomizes the Arab mindset:

 . . . the Jews are not bleating to the world to make charity cases of their brothers. They are dismantling their refugee camps as quickly as they can build towns.  They are moving thousands into decent homes and giving them useful work.  They are clearing land to be farmed.  The lives of those Jews who fled Arab countries destitute will be different than yours.  Do you realize, Ishmael that over twenty million refugees are in the world today from India to Africa?  Of them all, the Arabs alone have the resources to dissolve their refugee problem, if they wanted to.  We have vast oil moneys, more jobs in the Gulf states than can be filed by all the Palestinians put together. We have rich lands in the Euphrates Valley and the vast emptiness of Libya.  The only thing we lack is the one thing the Jews have in abundance. . . Love. Yes, the Jews love one another.  They will not tolerate fellow Jews living in such pestholes as Aqbat Jabar.[30]   

 At the time of the initial migration in 1947, Palestinian Arabs did not possess a national identity.[31]  The national identity was created through the denial of equal rights from Arab leaders upon the Arabs that left Israel prior to the invading Arab armies.  Ahmed Shukeiry, the Saudi Arabian delegate to the UN, told the UN Security Council on May 31, 1956 that “[i]t is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria.”[32]  Under the Ottoman rule, “Palestine” was only a geographical expression and the territory was comprised of a number of Ottoman administrative areas, such as the Independent Sanjak (District) of Jerusalem, the Sanjaks of Beirut, Acre and Balqa, and the Vilayet (Province) of Beirut.[33]

There was no separate Palestinian people as of March 31, 1977, when Zuhair Moshsin, the leader of the pro-Syrian Palestinian guerrilla organization, published in the Dutch paper TROUW in Amsterdam that there is “not a separate Palestinian people” but “it is in the national interest of the Arabs to encourage the Palestinian existence against Zionism . . . Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical reasons. . . The foundation of a Palestinian state is a new tool to continue the battle against Israel and for Arab unity.”[34]

The Jew is not a fabricated people and, for the first time in almost 2,000 years, the Jew had now re-established his ancestral home in the world with the State of Israel.  Contained in the Israeli Declaration of Independence is the principle of unlimited admission of Jews to Israel, which was enacted as the Law of Return in July 1950 and provided every Jew the right to immigrate and to immediate citizenship.[35]  The Law of Return is a statement to the enemies of the Jewish people that Jews will never again as during the 1930s find themselves without a place to go.[36]  With the Law of Return, Israel has a unique relationship with the Jewish Diaspora.[37]  The Law of Return requires only one Jewish grandparent (based upon the Nazi laws defining a Jew for extermination) to be considered Jewish, even though under Jewish religious law one has to be born of a Jewish mother, or convert to Judaism, to be considered a Jew.

Over 500,000 Holocaust survivors, one-fourth the county’s population, had immigrated quietly bearing horrific nightmares within themselves into Israeli society, until the Eichmann trial in 1961 changed the social and cultural status of Holocaust survivors in Israel.[38]  The poet Nathan Alterman said about the Eichmann trial that:

All of us had known that there were among us some people who had come from that world [original emphasis].  We met them on our daily business . . . As a clerk in some office was handling us a form . . . we noticed that he had a bluish number tattooed on his arm . . . However, it seems that only this awesome and sublime trial . . . made us realize that those people are not just a bunch of individuals but part of the terrible memories of our nation.[39]

The capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina and his trial, in which he signed an agreement to stand trial in an Israeli court, was considered in Israel “historical justice of the highest order.”[40]  However, on June 22, 1960 Argentina lodged a formal complaint with the UN Security Council and the American representative John Cabot Lodge delivered a speech supporting the Argentinean position that Eichmann should be returned to Argentina and those responsible for his abduction be arrested and tried.[41]  Argentina’s UN representative, Mario Amadeo, was a Catholic nationalist who had supported Franco, Mussolini and the Axis powers.[42]  Amadeo declared to the UN Security Council that Israel’s actions threatened world peace and security and demanded Eichmann’s return.[43]

Although Eichmann was a major participant in the Final Solution, it meant absolutely nothing to Argentina, a safe haven for Nazi criminals, and to the U.S. State Department and the “enlightened democratic” world that ignored the suffering of millions of European Jews who had nowhere to escape.[44]  Unfortunately, nothing has changed 50 years later with the British government expelling an Israeli diplomat for the use of forged British passports and many other governments protesting to Israel about the mysterious assassination on January 20, 2010 of Mahmoud al-Mabhouth.  Al-Mabhouth was a founding member of Hamas’ military wing, responsible for the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers, the mastermind behind the continued funneling of weapons from Iran to Hamas and many other horrifying crimes against humanity.  Dubai accused the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence service, for the assassination by unknown people using British and Australian passports, but the innocent Jewish blood on the hands of al-Mabhouth meant nothing.

Israel’s attorney general and the prosecutor in the Eichmann trial, Gideon Hausner, linked that trial with how the Holocaust would be remembered forever in Israel by giving his unforgettable opening speech:

In the place in which I stand before you, judges of Israel, to prosecute Adolf Eichmann – I stand not alone.  With me, at this moment in time, I am joined by six million prosecutors.  But they are unable to rise to their feet, to point an accusing finger at that glass booth and to cry out against the man sitting there: I accuse. Because their ashes have settled among the hills of Auschwitz and the fields of Treblinka, were wasted by the forests of Poland, and their graves are scattered across the length and breadth of Europe.  Their blood cries out, but their voices are unheard.  I shall therefore be their mouths and I shall read in their names the terrible bill of indictment.[45] 

However, anti-Semitism marches forward in the world arena unimpeded, when the USSR in 1965 formally proposed in the U.N. that Zionism be linked to colonialism, racism and all imperialist evils, while the Soviets were inciting both Egypt and Syria against Israel.[46]  With Jordanian control over the Old City and eastern Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967, Jordan destroyed 55 synagogues and reduced the Western Wall area to a slum.[47]  Jerusalem was divided by barbed wire, minefields and concrete walls with innocent Jewish civilians subject to sporadic shooting from the Jordanian sector.[48]

Between 1948 and 1967, Jordan violated Article Eight of the armistice agreement in denying access to the Jewish holy sites and cultural institutions under its control.[49]   All Jews in the world were barred from the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives Cemetery, Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron by the Jordanian government in violation of the armistice agreement.[50]

In spring of 1967, Syria was trying to divert half of the water of the Jordan River from Israel, while shelling Jewish villages in the Hula Valley from the Golan Heights, and President Nasser was moving the Egyptian army and air force into the Sinai, while ousting the U.N peacekeepers and blockading Israel’s Red Sea port Eilat.[51]  President Nasser signed a war pack with King Hussein, placing the Jordanian Army under Egyptian control, and the other Arab states joined the alliance to totally annihilate the Jewish state.[52]

On June 4, 1967, the Arab leaders were predicting Israel’s destruction and promising their subjects the spoils of Jewish property to undo the defeat in 1948.[53]  On June 5th, Nasser prophesied that “the battle will be total and our basic aim will be the destruction of Israel.”[54]  The Six-Day War of 1967 was the second Arab attempt to destroy Israel with Egypt, Syria and Jordan leading the attack.

When, in May and June 1967, it appeared that another Holocaust loomed, Christian men of God remained silent.  Pope Paul VI remained silent.[55] The National Council of Churches of the United States remained silent as Nasser rallied the Arab world to destroy Israel, but upon Israel’s survival the mainline Christian world found its voice and condemned Israel’s territorial expansion in unison with Arab rhetoric.[56]  Both the National Council and the World Council of Churches have denounced Israel’s response to terrorism as only acts to further territorial gain and Israel’s alleged “occupation” is to blame for everything.[57]

The Christian churches were guilty again of silence against a genocidal threat against the Jewish people.[58]  According to Elie Wiesel, the Jew is not supposed to overcome death for the world “love[s] the Jew only on the cross; if he is not there yet, well, they can oblige.”[59]  From the period prior to and during the Six-Day War, there was a deafening silence of the Christian churches when Israel faced extinction by the Arab nations.[60]  However, when the promised Holocaust did not take place during the Six-Day War, the world begrudged Israel its victory.[61]

The world is stunned. The eternal victims of history, the Jews, have risen in a single generation from the ashes of the Holocaust to win, in six swift days of June 1967, the greatest military victory since the Second World War.

 In the West the media stammer astonished admiration. In Communist and Arab countries they rage against aggressive Israel and claim that American carrier planes took part in the air strikes. In the United Nations the Soviet Union leads a bitter fight to reverse the victory politically and force the Israelis back behind the old armistice lines of 1949. But various withdrawal proposals worked up by the Russians and the Americans are rejected one after another by the Arab governments, who in August have met in the capital of the Sudan and issued the Khartoum Declaration, embodying irrevocable NO’s – NO negotiation with Israel, NO recognition of Israel, NO peace with Israel.

In Israel, and among Jews around the world, all is light, gladness, joy, honor, and euphoria . . . [62] 

Israel’s triumphant against four armies and some twenty nations did not conform to the image and destiny that the world desires of it, in which Israel is defeated, on its knees and humiliated.[63]  As Wiesel said the world was incensed because “[t]he lamb dares refuse the sacrifice.”[64]

During the battle for the Old City of Jerusalem, Colonel Motta Gur reported to headquarters these simple words “The Temple Mount is in our hands!”[65]  With the radio broadcast of these immortal words, “everywhere, on every front, in every house, in every place of business, in every yeshiva – officers, soldiers, children, and old men wept and embraced.”[66]

When the Lord will return the captivity of Zion, we will be like dreamers. Then our mouth will be filled with laughter and our tongue with glad song. Then will they declare among the nations, ‘The Lord has done greatly with these.’ The Lord has done greatly with us, we were gladdened. Psalms 126:1-3.

Yaȅl Dayan, the daughter of General Moshe Dayan, in her Israel Journal: June, 1967 related the surprise when entering Jerusalem that the “Western Wall” was a real wall, “grey with age and smooth with touch, flowers sprouting from its cracks,” rather than “expect[ing] it to be an abstract container of tears, prayers of generations floating in midair, a tune of music hovering over a marked spot.”[67]  She wrote that

I didn’t notice reality and all I knew was one big abstract emotion of, ‘We are here. In the old city of Jerusalem.’  I looked at faces and didn’t see them. I looked at road signs and couldn’t read. My fingers shyly felt the smooth old stones [of the Wall] and didn’t sense it. It was beyond words, beyond sensations, beyond me and . . . the armed soldiers who walked amazed in the alleys.[68]

After the liberation of Old Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation, an Israeli airman although an atheist experienced biblical faith by remarking: “I had the feeling that I would like to bring all my ancestors, through all the generations, and say to them, ‘Look, I’m standing by the Western Wall.’”[69]  Elie Wiesel during his visit to Jerusalem in early June 1967 described this experience:

The fighting was still going on at various fronts. Snipers were everywhere. But this did not prevent a jubilant people from running toward the Old City, still under siege.  Soldiers and Talmudists, Hasidim and grocers, schoolchildren and old people, survivors of every hell, faces of every destiny – I saw them breathlessly running, almost flying, toward the winding alleys, the barricaded houses, running to meet the Wall.  And there, incredulous and awed, like children afraid to wake up, they all came to an abrupt halt.  I recall the quality, the density of the silence that fell upon us: nobody dared breach it, not even by the incantation of prayers.  Then some began to sob, others to dance.  As for me, I told myself this spectacle was not new; I had experienced it before, elsewhere, in another life, eternities ago.

And in a flash I glimpsed all the faces that have formed my own: schoolmates, neighbors, heroes met in books, friends from the camps, companions left behind on the long road through countless small towns.  They had never been so near, so present. Suddenly I understood: Jerusalem was bringing us closer to all the provisional Jerusalems-in-exile that the enemy had covered with ashes. Just as I never evoked Jerusalem better than in my small native town of Sighet, so I never recalled Sighet better than in Jerusalem.

Everyone was weeping.  We were looking back, searching for our invisible forerunners, fallen along the way, victims of chance and misfortune.  In what way did we deserve what they were refused? We wept, for there was nothing else we could do, surely not for them.[70]    

Jerusalem is not just a symbol, but a home and the land is not an allegory but a possession, a commitment of destiny.[71]  Yaacov Herzog explained that “a revolution of Jewish consciousness started in 1967, when Jerusalem  . . . as it became reunited . . . makes the whole of Israel one great family, from one end of the world to the other, far surpassing any physical contact.”[72]

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.  Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joys. Psalms 137: 5-6.

Wiesel has remarked that Jerusalem is not divine; her life depends on the Jewish presence.[73]  Alone, Jerusalem is desolate and silent, with the Jewish presence Jerusalem is a witness, an echo of eternity.[74]  During the recapture of Jerusalem in June 7 of 1967, the Jewish soldiers did not enter alone into the City of David.[75]

Streams of endless craving, clinging, dreaming, flowing day and night, midnights, years, decades, centuries, millennia, streams of tears, pledging, waiting – from all over the world, from all corners of the earth – carried us of this generation to the Wall.  My ancestors could only dream of you – to my people in Auschwitz you were more remote than the moon, and I can touch your stones! Am I worthy? How shall I ever repay for these moments?[76] 

Traditional Christianity and most Christians are still influenced by the theological and cultural anti-Semitism of the past and believe that given enough suffering and wandering the Jews will finally convert.[77]  Thus, the rebirth of Israel with Jerusalem regained after 2,000 years and the resurgence of Judaism are problems for mainline denominational Christians.

For the UN and many world leaders, the new code word for anti-Semitism is anti-Zionism, but no one can be an enemy of Zionism and be a friend of the Jewish people.[78]  The world cannot tolerate an eternally abnormal nation.  Prime Minister Golda Meir remarked when attending a United Nations session that “We have no family there . . . Israel is entirely alone there . . . But why should that be?”[79]  Is it because as Balaam, the prophet of Moab, foretold that “. . . it is a nation that will dwell in solitude and not be reckoned among the nations?” Numbers 23:9.  Balaam was paid by King Balak of Moab to curse the Israelites, but Balaam could not curse those blessed by God. Numbers 24:9.

There is no other country that shares the same history, geography, culture, language, religion and the only blood tie with the Jewish Diaspora, representing small minorities in their host countries.[80]  The Jewish people uniquely “dwell in solitude” because of the synergy of the Exodus and Sinai – the Jews entered history as a people during the Exodus from Egypt and entered history as a nation-faith by the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai.[81]

Judaism’s believe in God is different from Christianity for Jews do not believe in God, but rather Jews know God exists by His revealing Himself to the Jewish people through miracles that He performed for the Jewish people in Egypt, in the desert and by speaking directly to the Jewish people when He uttered the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai.  For God introduced Himself to the Jewish people as I am the Lord, your God, Who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery. Exodus 20:2.

The late 19th and early 20th century Zionists thought that once Jews possessed a land of their own they would become a normal nation like all other nations and anti-Semitism would fade away.[82]  However, Balaam’s prophecy foretold of the Jewish people as an eternally abnormal nation.[83]

Dr. Yaacov Herzog in A People That Dwells Alone wrote about this inseparable destiny of nation and faith in 1975:

The theory of classic Zionism was national normalization. What was wrong with the theory? It was the belief that the idea of a ‘people that dwells alone’ is an abnormal concept, when actually a ‘people that dwells alone’ is the natural concept of the Jewish people.  That is why this one phrase still describes the totality of the extraordinary phenomenon of Israel’s revival.  If one asks how the ingathering of the exiles, which no one could have imagined in his wildest dreams, came about, or how the State of Israel could endure such severe security challenges, or how it has built up such a flourishing economy, or how the unity of the Jewish people throughout the Diaspora has been preserved, one must come back to the primary idea that this is ‘a people that dwells alone.’  More than that, one must invoke this phrase not only to understand how the Jews have existed for so long; one must invoke it as a testimony to the Jewish right to exist at all in the land of their rebirth.[84]

Herzog has called the State of Israel a paradox, in which all the normalities have been proven unsupportable.  It is a nation that lives by faith, in which it lives in the present, but its rights go back to the past and everything is joined and intertwined in a process of redemption that lies ahead into a new era of Jewish history.[85]

Muslim anti-Semitism has continued to be brutally expressed over the centuries through today.  Since the Second World War, most of the Arab countries have been the only place where hard-core Nazi-style anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism is publicly and officially endorsed and propagated.[86]  After the Koran, the most frequently cited book at the International Conference of Muslim Scholars gathered in Cairo in 1968 was one of the most infamous forgeries in Western history, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[87]  King Faisal of Saudi Arabia presented a beautifully bound copy of the book to each Western visitor.[88]  During the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem in 1961, newspapers in Damascus, Beirut, Cairo and Jordan were sympathetic for Eichmann and regretted that he “had not finished the job.”[89]

Nazi murderers found sanctuaries in the Muslim countries, such as Syria granting asylum to SS Hauptsturmführer Alois Brunner, Eichmann’s “best man.”[90]  Brunner was convicted in France in 1954 for the murder of over 140,000 Jews and became an adviser to Syrian intelligence services.[91]  Also, Franz Rademacher, a senior Eichmann aide who was involved in the mass murder of Jews in Belgium, the Netherlands and Croatia, became an official in the Syrian Secret Service on Jewish Affairs.[92]

Several thousand Nazi war criminals were able to escape punishment in Egypt and “in Egypt they could continue their war against the Jews.”[93]  Egyptian anti-Semitism during Nasser’s rule was influenced by those Nazis who were given sanctuary in Egypt and worked in Nasser’s secret services and were specialists in anti-Semitic propaganda, such as Louis Heiden, formerly of the Reich Security Main Office, who translated Mein Kampf into Arabic under the name Louis al-Hadj.[94]  The Nazi journalist Franz Buensche continued his anti-Jewish publications in Egypt and other Arab countries.[95]

Nazi propagandist Johann von Leers became a political adviser and propagandist for the Nasser government under the Muslim name Omar Amin and actively promoted the Protocols in Arabic, reviving blood libel, organizing anti-Semitic radio broadcasts and encouraging Holocaust deniers around the world.[96]  Earlier in the late 1930s, von Leers had been placed as a full professor at the University of Jena by Alfred Rosenberg and specialized in the Protocols, The Rabbi’s Speech and Jewish ritual murder.[97]

Otto Skorzeny, the Nazi commander considered by the United States Office of Strategic Service (“OSS”) as “the most dangerous man in Europe was brought into the Nasser government by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.[98]  Joachim Däumling, Gestapo chief and involved in SS operations in Croatia, established the Egyptian secret service patterned after Himmler’s Reich Security Office.[99]  Wehrmacht General Wilhelm Fahrmbacher was placed in charge over the central planning staff in Cairo.[100]  Many SS men assisted in the training of the Egyptian army and over 200 German and Austrian scientists worked at the aircraft and missile center at Helwan, where the staff physician was Dr. Hans Eisele, SS captain and medical torturer at Dachau and Buchenwald.[101]

In the 1950s, the Egyptian government published a complete edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Nazis’ Arabic-language propaganda during the war found a permanent home in North Africa and the Middle East with radical Islam.[102]  During this time, Nazi émigrés spread also the disease of the Protocols to South America.[103]

On October 29, 1956, war broke out by Nasser nationalizing the Suez Canal and Britain and France joining to take back the canal and topple Nasser, who had overthrown the monarchy by a military revolt in 1952.[104]  While Soviet troops were moving into Hungary to crush a revolt against Communist rule, the Soviets threatened to attack London and Paris over the Suez crisis.[105]   Shockingly, President Eisenhower abandoned his traditional allies and aligned with the Soviets to demand a cease-fire in the Middle East.[106]  With the end of the Suez war on November 6th, Nasser vowed to rid Egypt of all “foreigners” and to exterminate the Jewish state.[107]

The persecution of the Jewish community, which had lived in Egypt for centuries, became more extreme under Nasser than immediately after 1948 and during the first Arab-Israeli war.[108]  Under the Nasser regime, Jewish families forced to leave Egypt could take no more than the equivalent of $200 upon their departure with the promise of never returning.[109]  Except for clothes, they could not bring out of the country their jewelry, family antiques, heirlooms, and works of art belonging to their family for generations.[110]

From 1969 to the August 1970 cease-fire, Nasser waged a “War of Attrition” of constant armed conflict against Israel.[111]  Anwar Sadat took over from Nasser in October 1970.[112]  Sadat, who was tried and convicted by the British as a Nazi spy, wrote a letter on September 18, 1953 to the Egyptian paper Al-Mussawar, expressing admiration for Hitler that even though he appeared to have been defeated in reality he was the victor.[113]  On Yom Kippur in October 1973, Sadat launched his army in a surprise attack across the Suez Canal, while Syria invaded the Golan Heights.

When you go out to the battle against your enemy, and you see horse and chariot – a people more numerous than you – you shall not fear them, for the Lord, your God, is with you, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt.  It shall be that when you draw near to the war, the Kohen shall approach and speak to the people.  He shall say to them, “Hear, O Israel, you are coming near to the battle against your enemies; let your heart not be faint; do not be afraid, do not panic, and do not be broken before them.  For the Lord, your God, is the One Who goes with you, to fight for you with your enemies, to save you.” Deuteronomy 20:1-4.

During the Yom Kippur War when the existence of Israel was again threatened with another Holocaust, the government of Great Britain refused to condemn the surprise attack by Egypt and Syria, refused landing privileges for planes carrying emergency equipment to Israel, refused to ship machine parts to Israel that had been purchased and paid for and the British government continued to train Egyptian pilots during the fighting.[114]  France refused delivery to Israel of equipment already paid for, continued arms shipments to Libya and Saudi Arabia and continued to train Arab pilots.[115]  In these countries, the public expression of anti-Semitism surged.[116]

The Yom Kippur War demonstrated once again that the Christian establishment cannot be counted on for even humanitarian intervention to prevent or even impede the mass murder of Jews.[117]  The continued existence of Israel and its social, educational and cultural growth depended primarily upon the strength of Israelis and the support from worldwide Jewry.[118]

Arab Muslims reach back to the theological roots of Islamic anti-Semitism in their attack of the Jews and Israel.[119]

Behold, you will conceive, and give birth to a son; you shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard your prayer.  And he shall be a wild-ass of a man: his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; and over all his brothers shall he dwell. Genesis 16:11-12.

The Jewish people for thousands of years have suffered from Arabs who hate peace and fight endless and meaningless wars.[120]  They speak about peace, but in their hearts they are planning war.[121]  With regards to the nation of Ishmael, Maimonides wrote to the Jews of Yemen, knowing of the Crusader attacks on European Jews, that:

 No nation has ever done more harm to Israel. None has matched it in debasing and humiliating us.  None has been able to reduce us as they have.[122]

The Holy Bible speaks of the eternal character trait of Ishmael and his descendants being forever a wild character who takes the form of man and thus a people willing to sacrifice their lives and children to the “holy war” of terror, destruction and the glorification of annihilation.[123]  There is a saying that peace will only come when Arab mothers love their own children more than they hate the Jews.  However, according to the Holy Bible that character trait of a “wild man” will always be.

 All the nations surround me; in the Name of the Lord, I cut them down! They encircle me, they also surround me; in the Name of the Lord, I cut them down! They encircle me like bees, but they are extinguished as a fire does thorns; in the Name of the Lord, I cut them down!

You pushed me hard that I might fall, but the Lord assisted me.  God is my might and my praise, and He was a salvation for me. Psalms 118: 10-14.

The Arabs are like the bees that sting and immediately die for they will rise up and sacrifice their lives to kill.[124]  Since they are not afraid of death, it is not possible to threaten or frighten them.[125]  Under Islamic teachings, Allah replaced the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the genealogical line from Abraham is through Ishmael rather than through Isaac and Jacob, denying the validity of the Holy Bible for Jews and Christians and with Islam as the only acceptable religion in the world.  Islam incorporates and sanctifies the tyranny of tribal society, such as the Koran’s defense of wife-beating, honor killings, arranged consanguineous marriages and female genital mutilation that all are vestiges of the ancient pagan world.[126]

The Muslim legal code prescribes the treatment of Jews and Christians, or dhimmis, which acknowledges their subservient position to Muslims.[127]   As long as the Jews adhere to their dhimmi status as inferior to Muslims, Jewish existence as individuals is acceptable, but never the State of Israel.[128]  The emancipation of Jews in Israel/Palestine from Muslim rule in 1948 was a theological-political catastrophe to the Muslim society of master over slave with the dhimmis breaking out of the social and political discrimination within the dar al-Islam (abode of Islam).[129]

It is the Jews’ refusal to accept an unequal, inferior status that lies at the heart of the Arab-Muslim hatred for Israel.[130]  A Jewish state is incompatible with the view of Jews as “humiliated or wretched.”[131]  For Muslims, the source of their hatred remains the Jewish state’s existence, not its policies, nor its borders.[132]

For the Commentaries of Rashi remind us that the Holy Bible begins with the narrative of creation in Genesis1:1-5 to establish that God is the Sovereign of the universe and the entire universe belongs to God:

One day the nations of the world will tell the Jews, this land is ours; you stole it from us.  And we will reply: the land belongs to God; He alone has the right to say who will live there.  And He gave this land to us.[133]

In Muslim religion, the world is divided into two houses: the House of Islam, in which Muslim governments rule and Muslim law prevails, and the House of War, the rest of the world, still inhabited and ruled by infidels.[134]  The duty of jihad, armed struggle for Muslim power, will continue, interrupted only by truces, until all the world either converts to the Muslim faith or submits to Muslim rule.[135]

In the Muslim religion, Judaism and Christianity have been superseded and replaced by Islam.[136]  Suicide bombings against Israel are driven by anti-Semitism and religious extremism, not by desperation and hopelessness.[137]  Islamic terrorists murder Jews because of their religious ideology; it is their religious duty to do so.[138]

Hagar bore Abram a son and Abram called the name of his son that Hagar bore him Ishmael. Genesis 16:15. And he shall be a wild-ass of a man: his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; and over all his brothers shall he dwell. Genesis 16:12.

Rashi says that “[h]e would be an untamed brigand, a hated plunderer, and warrior.” Onkelos “translates the description of Ishmael in the economic sense: He would be dependent on other nations, and they, in turn, would be dependent on him.”

For the terrorists, the slaughter of innocent civilians is not collateral damage, but it is the prime objective.[139]  As the former Israeli Ambassador and historian Michael Oren has pointed out “[f]or all the kudos discreetly given SS killers by the regime, Nazi Germany never publicly lionized them, they never plastered their pictures on the streets, or openly encouraged children to emulate them . . . That kind of adoration for mass murderers can only be found in abundance, among the Palestinians.”[140]  Their primary purpose is not to defeat or weaken the enemy militarily, but to gain publicity and to inspire fear, a psychological victory.[141]  Any counterattack against terrorists who do not wear uniforms is difficult, since they use innocent civilians as shields.[142]

In 2001, the United Nations World Conference against Racism was held in Durban, South Africa, which was an anti-Semitic hate-fest governed by well-organized and well-funded Muslim groups.[143]  The Ford Foundation was a major contributor of the Arab and far-Left groups behind the Durban Conference in the spirit of Henry Ford, an anti-Semitic and admirer of Adolf Hitler.  Though officially banned in South Africa, copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were sold at the conference and their slogan “Kill the Jews” were heard and felt from the Arab delegates.[144]  Also, the Muslim Brotherhood distributed Arabic translations of Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[145]

What was disturbing was not the open anti-Semitism of the Arabs, but that few other delegates had the courage to combat them, or was it simply that the masks were removed and their true feelings revealed.[146]  Anti-Semites tell the world that the story of six million Jewish victims is but a myth and the world, in its naïveté, will believe it, if not today, then tomorrow or the next day.[147]

Yasser Arafat was the successor to Haj Amin al-Husseini and in 1969 the PLO recruited two former Nazi instructors, Erich Altern, a leader in the Gestapo’s Jewish affairs section, and Willy Berner, a former SS officer at the Mauthausen extermination camp.[148]  Former Nazi Johann Schuller supplied arms to Fatah.[149]

Arafat was the “godfather of modern terrorism,” yet he was received at the UN with a pistol on his hip, lionized by the world’s diplomats and dignitaries and emerged as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.[150]  Arafat promoted terrorism by totally controlling the Arab educational system’s curriculum, television, radio and newspapers as propaganda instruments against Israel.[151]  Arafat infused in his people the belief that through endless suicide bombers and armed resistance the Israelis will surrender and leave Israel.[152]

The world ignored the facts or did not care that Arafat was responsible for the premeditated murder of countless Israeli and Jewish civilians and of American and other diplomats as in Khartoum in 1973.[153]  Arafat organized the Munich Olympic Games massacre, actively promoted two intifadas, nearly destroyed Jordan in 1970, helped begin the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s, supported Saddam Hussein’s attack of Kuwait in 1990-1991, pioneered airline hijacking to a grand scale and had the PLO commit over 200 major terrorist acts in countries outside Israel.[154]  After the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv in June 2001 by the PLO, Arafat declared, “The heroic martyrdom operation [of the man] who turned his body into a bomb [is] the model of manhood and sacrifice for the sake of Allah and the homeland.”[155]

Hamas, an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, proclaims the struggle for Palestine is neither a political dispute between two rival nations nor a struggle for national self-determination by an indigenous population against a foreign occupier, but a struggle in a global holy war to prevent territory of the House of Islam to be controlled by infidels.[156]  Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar stated that “Islamic and traditional views reject the notion of establishing an independent Palestinian state . . . In the past, there was no independent Palestinian state  . . .  our main goal is to establish a great Islamic state, be it pan-Arabic or pan-Islamic.”[157]

Mahmoud Abbas is more clever than Arafat to avoid denying in public statements to the West Israel’s right to exist, but in his statements to the Arab media he does not accept the legitimacy of the Jewish claim to Palestine, denies the existence of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and is nonnegotiable on the sacred Palestinian right of return.[158]  There are no historic Muslim connections to Jerusalem, but Jerusalem is only important in Islamic end-time theology, in which the Mahdi, a “Muslim Jesus,” will establish his kingdom in Jerusalem.

Fatah’s 6th General Congress, convening in Bethlehem in August 2009, reaffirmed its commitment to the “armed struggle” as “a strategy, not tactic . . . in the battle for liberation and for the elimination of the Zionist presence . . . This struggle will not stop until the Zionist entity is eliminated and Palestine is liberated.”[159]  The Palestinian perception of peace is not a matter of adjusting borders and settlements, but rather the destruction of the Jewish state.[160]  Abbas continues the same hate propaganda to the Palestinian public that equates justice with murdering Jewish women and children and suicide bombing to heroic martyrdom,[161] for the Muslim are the descendants of Esau.

Was not Esau the brother of Jacob – the word of the Lord – yet I loved Jacob.  But I hated Esau . . They may build, but I will tear down!  They will be called ‘the boundary of wickedness’ and ‘the people whom the Lord has condemned forever.’  And your eyes will behold it, and you will say upon the territory of Israel, ‘May the Lord be glorified!’ Malachi 1:2-5.

On September 23, 2008, President Ahmadinejad’s United Nations hateful anti-Semitic speech in New York, drawing inspiration from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, was acclaimed by the General Assembly and his lethal anti-Semitism being accepted as normal presented “an ominous sign.”[162]  His Hitlerian language did not stop the General Assembly president from Nicaragua, Miguel d’ Escoto Brockmann, from warmly embracing him.[163]  During the Iran hostage crisis of 1979-1981, Ahmadinejad has been identified as one of the torturers of the American hostages.[164]  As Professor Wistrich has commented about the event “[s]ixty-four years after Auschwitz, the politics of genocidal anti-Semitism and the indifference that made it possible are still with us.”[165]

The indifference of the democracies will always strengthen the will of the anti-Semitic murderers to conduct genocide against the Jewish people.  Rabbi Greenberg wrote that the “ideology of universalism (‘this is a war to make the world safe for democracy’) was used as an excuse not to bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz and not to make special efforts to save the Jews.”[166]  Today, universalism is the ideology used by many democracies and “liberal” political leaders to oppose Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

The most insidious method by which Muslims today are forcing their Islamic agenda is to use the international and state court systems to wage their jihad against the Jews and Christians and to silence all criticism against Islam.  Islam seeks to replace Western democracies with Sharia law and an Islamic global state.  The Nazi Joseph Goebbels made the statement during the rise of Hitler, “We availed ourselves of the instrumentalities of democracy to put democracy out of business.”[167]

While Islam wages war on Western civilization and Iran promises to destroy Israel and threatens Europe and the United States with the development of nuclear weapons, the world does nothing.   When Hitler withdrew from the League of Nations on October 14, 1933, the world did nothing.  When Hitler embarked upon rearmament and proclaimed universal, compulsory military service on March 16, 1935 and marched into the Rhineland on March 7, 1936, nothing happened.   When foreign representatives were ousted from the directorates of the Reichsbank and the Reichsbahn contrary to the terms of the Treaty of Versailles on January 30, 1937, nothing happened.   When Hitler served notice that Germany was no longer subject to the Treaty of Versailles, nothing happened.  With the German overthrow of the Austrian government, the forced cession of the Sudetenland to Germany and the annexation of Bohemia-Moravia and Memelland as a German Protectorate, the world did nothing.  So why should the world react any differently today?

One of the Holocaust deniers’ main aims is to delegitimize Israel.[168]  Holocaust denial presents the same anti-Semitism, the same irrationality, the same demonization of the Jews and the same cosmic conspiratorial powers of the Jews.[169]  Once upon a time it was thought by Herzl and others that if the Jews had their own homeland that anti-Semitism would disappear; however, Zionism has failed to eliminate anti-Semitism in the world, because it is endemic among non-Jews.[170]  Since Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, anti-Zionism says that the Jews have no right to freedom and self-determination unlike any other people on the earth.

Throughout the history of exile in non-Jewish countries, there has been always a small assimilated group, historically resembling the “Court Jew,” which denies and rejects their Jewish origins and usually identifies with the anti-Semite thinking of the host elite society.[171]  During the early twentieth century, hyper-assimilated German Jews despised the Ostjuden (East European ultra-orthodox Jews), although they all shared the same fate of the gas chambers.[172]  A Jew, embracing the anti-Semitic viewpoint, only reinforces and inflames the dominant prejudices.[173]

Jewish hostility to Zionism exists among leftist intellectuals, thinking that their actions of self-hatred will temper the anti-Semitic causes to the vestiges of history.[174]  Self-hating Jews, whatever their motives for betraying their own people and degrading its history, have throughout history provided significant encouragement for the anti-Semites.[175]

The current resurgence in Islam, powerfully reinforced by the European Left and the anti-Zionist rhetoric institutionalized for decades in the U.N., represents the primary threat to the security of Europe’s Jews and Christians.[176]  In the 1970s, a hostile environment toward Israel developed in the United Nations and Kurt Waldheim as secretary general encouraged that attitude.[177]  In 1974, Waldheim allowed Yasser Arafat to address the General Assembly wearing a pistol on his hip.[178]  Waldheim condemned Israel’s rescue of the passengers of a hijacked Air France plane, being held hostage in Entebbe, Uganda.[179]  In a visit to Yad Vashem, Waldheim refused to put on a yarmulke in the Hall of Remembrance, a consecrated site with the ashes of Jewish Holocaust victims.[180]  Later, the world discovered that Waldheim was responsible as a Nazi counterintelligence officer for the deportation of Greek Jews to death camps and he waged a criminal war against the partisans in Yugoslavia.[181]

Beginning in the mid-1970s, an Arab-Soviet-Third World bloc joined to form a pro-PLO lobby at the U.N.[182]  The U.N. General Assembly in November 1975 adopted the Muslim anti-Semitic Resolution 3379, declaring that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.”[183]  The Arab Lobby was the instigator of the Resolution.[184]  In 1983, the Syrian Defense Minister Mustapha Tlas wrote the Blood Libel publicationThe Matzo of Zion and in 1991 the Syrian delegate to the UN Human Rights Commission recommended this book for the members to understand Zionist racism.[185]

The influence of Muslim immigration into Europe with its anti-Israel hatred creates hostility toward an Israelophobic culture by disinformation, hatred of America and Israel and vicious comments about Jews.[186]  Extraordinary reluctance especially by liberals to recognize the jihad terror to Israel and the West is probably driven by fear of Islamist terror in Europe.[187]

The methodology employed by the U.S. Arab lobby is totally contrary to democratic government, because it does not represent the will of the America people but rather the corruption of the Washington elite.  The most powerful part of the Arab Lobby is Saudi Arabia and the major oil companies and diplomatic lobbists who have joined together against Israel.[188] The Saudis have through billions of petro-dollars influenced U.S. policy through politics, economics and academics.[189]  Saudi Arabia denies human rights in its own country and spreads militant Islam, supports international terrorism, influences the worldwide oil addiction and finances actions designed to destroy Israel.[190]  Whereas, the Israeli lobbies represent the grassroots support of America Jews and evangelical Christians.

The Saudis for example buy U.S. influence by spending large amounts of oil dollars to hire former State Department officials, diplomats, White House aides and legislative leaders who become their elite lobbying force of anti-Semitism.  The Saudis informally advertise that if current government officials desire highly paid jobs upon leaving government that they need to promote the Arab position over Israel.  Thus, the anti-Israel policies of the U.S. State Department continue with its long history of anti-Semitism.

What has been, already exists, and what is still to be, has already been, and God always seeks [to be on the side of] the pursued.  Furthermore, I have observed beneath the sun: In the place of justice there is wickedness, and in the place of righteousness there is wickedness.  I mused: God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for everything and for every deed there. Ecclesiastes 3:15-17.

Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashoah) and the Memorial Day for Israeli soldiers who have fallen in battle (Yom Hazikaron) are commemorated within days of each other and culminate in Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha-atzmaut), a day of joy and freedom.  With these close remembrances, the Jewish people are painfully reminded of the need of independent statehood for their survival.[191]

 Hatikvah: The ANCIENT CHANT OF Hope (Israel’s national anthem)         

As long as deep within the heart,

The Jewish spirit yearns,

And forward to the East

To Zion, the eye turns,

Then our hope will not be lost,

The hope of two thousand years,

To be a free people in our land,

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

(Naftali Herz Imber – 1877)

The hope of Israel’s national anthem is not an empty slogan, but a living reality for Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.  Every Jew in the Diaspora who claims a love of Israel, ahavat yisrael, must have a relationship with Israel, a relationship that can only occur at least travelling to Israel on a regular basis.[192]  The State of Israel emerged at a time in history when the Jewish people were under a threat of extinction and the doors of Christian nations were for the most part locked to them.[193]  Most likely if the Jewish state had not come into existence in 1948, the catastrophe of the Holocaust would have demoralized Jews worldwide and would have resulted in a devastating assimilation of Jews and the decline of Judaism.  Emil Fackenheim in God’s Presence in History said that if the reality of Auschwitz destroyed the reality of God, then Hitler would have a posthumous victory of destroying Judaism.[194]  Fackenheim said that Jews must survive as Jews to deny the Nazis a final victory for the sake of the “millennial testimony” of Jewish tradition.[195]

The Irish economist David Mc Williams remarked that “Israel is quite the opposite of a uni-dimensional, Jewish country . . . It is a monotheistic melting pot of a Diaspora that brought back with it the culture, language and customs of the four corners of the earth.”[196]  Israel’s population is composed of over seventy different nationalities with differences in language, education, culture and history and is bringing to Israel an immeasurable wealth of life unlike any other country.[197]  As summed up by Ben Zion Dinur,

the political rebirth of Israel is the very essence of Jewish history.  She absorbed into herself the experiences and activities of generations, the covenant of generations.  She renewed the covenant with the land out of a longing, through the creation of a new community, to develop the Covenant of Man into an Eternal Covenant.[198]


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