Yoram Hazony in The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture said that the Hebrew Bible (or the “Christian Old Testament”) represents the product of reason, while known by way of revelation.[1]  Western civilization has embraced Greek philosophy and ignored the more ancient Jewish philosophy.  Philosophers of 19th Century Enlightenment portrayed the Bible as a work of superstition and irrationality.  German Enlightenment introduced into the history of reason contempt for revelation.  Along with this contempt for Biblical teachings, European Enlightenment injected anti-Semitism into Western philosophy, denying the value of anything from Jewish philosophy and the Hebrew Scriptures.

However, the Hebrew Scriptures are a study in the works of reason for man given by God. The Hebrew Scriptures are for man’s nature and directed toward his well-being and establish political, moral and metaphysical truths for man.Since God’s promises are eternal, the effectiveness of the Hebrew Scriptures in bringing life and well-being to man are unfailing.

Listen to Me, you who know righteousness, the nation with My Torah [the Word of God] in its heart: Do not fear from the disparagement of man, and do not be broken by their insults; for like a garment, a moth will eat them, and like wool, a worm will eat them, but My righteousness will be forever, and My salvation for all generations. Isaiah 51:7-8.

The Torah was given in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt and on land belonging to no one nation.  Thus, the Scriptures were a gift given to all of mankind and for all to accept or reject.

Come, let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord, to the Temple of the God of Jacob, and He will teach us of His ways and we will walk in His paths. For from Zion will the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem . . . Come, let us walk by the light of the Lord! Isaiah 2:3, 5.



[1] Yoram Hazony, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. New York: Cambridge University Press(1st ed. 2012).

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